(Ron) Black Chrome w/ Roller Cam Brakes In NY

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(Ron) Black Chrome w/ Roller Cam Brakes In NY

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Hey Ron,

Here you go... a virtually unmolested American made gem that's coming up on its 30 birthday...

*** 1987 Schwinn High Sierra ***
* Full double butted 4130 CrMo frame, fork, and stays (not just the main triangle like most)
* 1986 and 1987 were the only years that came with roller cam brakes

The seller is mistaken by calling the bike a 1986, the '86 came in an ivory main triangle with dark bronze stays, the '87 was one of the few years that Schwinn did in black chrome. The combination of the black chrome finish with the roller cam brakes makes this Schwinn a true rarity. I've been after one for years, one might pop up in a year, most owners know what they have and do not let them loose. Given the bike has been posted for 3 weeks, I hit the owner with a low offer and see what happens. I'm not 100% sure but I believe this bike sold for $699 new from the Schwinn dealer. Only the Paramountain (later renamed the Project "KOM" King Of the Mountain) and the Cimarron cost more, the Paramountain made by Paramount (lugged and fillet brazed Tange Prestige) was $799 for the frame and fork only and the Cimarron was $899 in 1987. I have a 1988 Cimarron LE (full double butted 4130 lugged and fillet brazed frame and fork) and a 1988 High Sierra (tig welded not lugged with fillet brazing in yellow not the cool black chrome I desire). The Cimarron is my customized vintage dream bike with a mix of stock 1st generation Shimano "Deerhead" XT and modern components in a 2x8 configuaration, it is my ultimate go anywhere and do anything bike. The High Sierra I built for my wife to take to the Farmers' Market and the grocery store. These bikes have slack geometry (70/70 degree), so they are uber comfortable!


Perfect Delivery Bike Schwinn High Sierra- 1986 - $175 (West Village)

"This schwinn mountain bike has 18 gears. SunTour XC Sport Roller brakes, sturdy rear rack, thumb shifters, Extra sturdy and very cool bullmoose handlebars. Ready to ride. Call or text 6467720803 or reply to this ad."

Here are the Schwinn specs from the MOMBAT site:


Here is one cyclist's site devoted to his beloved 1987 black chrome High Sierra:
(nice clear photos to help with the temptation)

http://seenonthetrain.blogspot.com/2011 ... ierra.html

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