Easton build

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Easton build

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Once again I apoligze to Mix if I snubbed him on the buy but I need to keep the GF happy .

I was originally going to get it powder coated and painted before the build but I think I am going to build it up first and see how the GF likes the ride first. I am going pillage my A2L build and put it on the Easton. Also I just order the same tires (Onza Agro) that I put on my A2E.

need to get a new stem and headset and handlebars but I need to confirm if It is threadless or threaded.
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Re: Easton build

Post by mixalive »

No worries. I was not planning on bidding on it. Otherwise you would have paid more for it.
But it looks like you are ready for your build.
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