Ok, I'll get this rolling - My 95 Comp

Ever made a decision that at the time seemed like a good one, but then later on, you realize was a huge mistake?
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Ok, I'll get this rolling - My 95 Comp

Post by Mark »

Long story short: I couldn't afford the XXTeam back in 95, but the guys at the bike shop had a stolen Comp which had been recovered that they were selling really cheap, since the frame had a (very) small scratch under the chain stay. I snagged a great bike for a great deal. Rode that Comp for a couple of years and when I purchased a car, sold the bike as I wasn't riding it as much.

Approximately 8 months later, I realized I had made a big mistake. Barracuda was already out of business, the internet (Craig's list, Ebay, etc) not yet mainstream and I was out of luck for Barracudas for a loooong time.

Well, I finally did get my XXTeam but have never had another Comp. I'll likely snag another if it crosses my path. :)

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Re: Ok, I'll get this rolling - My 95 Comp

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Hey Mark,

There a beauty on Ebay right now, check the MARKETPLACE forum, 'Cuda posted the link to Ebay and it's only a $1.00 opening bid and no reserve :o ... that said, you may have to arm wrestle Mix(alive) for it! I know he's been after another 14" frame for a long time. Heck, it might be too small for you but I figure you'd go after it just for the Tange Ultimate!

Good luck!


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